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Can the insurance on the car idled out of business?

Can the insurance on the car idled out of business?
Can be insured on the car idled work against fire or theft in one case only and raised, and not for repair due to an accident in the sense that the insurance company responsible for any damage or loss of whole or partial happening to the car brought because of a fire or theft and if you use the car insured or move out and achieve the risk insured against is not covered even if the risk of fire or stolen
Are required to disruption for at least 8 consecutive weeks.

You can modify the type of supplementary coverage to fire and theft?
In case the car insured during the insurance period may be the work of this amendment upon written notice from the insured to the insurance company off the supplementary document and the short to cover up the dangers of fire and theft only
In this case, issued a new document or other document a special supplement of origin.
If the supplementary document, covering more than one car in the case of disabled car and one for work may stop coverage for this car is broken.

Advantages enjoyed by the customers cars
Insurance companies give benefits to its customers in the form of supplementary insurance premium reduction on cars of all kinds as an attraction and advantage to its customers and the discounts:
Multi-car discount
Discount Groups
Discount endurance
Do not prompt for a discount
What is known about multi discount?
This special discount only supplementary documents.
When a client's insurance on more than one car and would have belonged to him (and not to the owners of participants) or to be insured the other car belonged to his wife or his children for a Palace.
Gives a percentage discount multi discount of 10% of the premiums for each car.
This rate constant is subject to change in case of renewal of insurance, knowing that this particular multi-car discount or taxes shall not apply only to commercial vehicles.
This discount does not apply to multi-document collections.

What is the requirement of deduction of Groups
Gives a discount on your insurance premium for all customer vehicles in case of a fleet of cars, starting a car and more than twenty
Are required to have all these cars registered on behalf of the client to pass through.
Groups begin to discount by 20% and shading to be up to 50% when renewing insurance increase or decrease the percentage of discount auto groups according to the results the client (the loss rate for the last three years).

What is a supplementary insurance on the car

What is a supplementary insurance on the car.
Supplementary insurance is divided into four types according to the coverage: depending on the size Boktherha comprehensive coverage begin then at least Valoql and choose from the client what suits him.

Insurance supplementary car covers loss, damage, kidney or partial, which affects the car insured, accessories and spare parts also covers civil responsibility before third parties for physical damage also covers fire, theft, 00 other words that the insurance company to compensate the insured car owner for any loss resulting from the loss or partial or total damage of the car in case of danger or when investigating an accident happens to the car insured.
City by a third party liability only for the material damage.
Civil responsibility before third parties for physical damage, fire and theft.
Fire and theft for cars filed.
What is the civil liability by third parties covered by supplementary insurance policy on the car?
The Company undertakes in the event of an accident caused or resulting from the use of the car insured indemnify the Insured in the scope of the requirement for determining responsibility - all the amounts that need to be insured by law to pay, including legal costs and fees, so as to compensate for damage to things other than owned of which the insured or any member of his family residing with him or deposited with or in the guarding or under their control

car Insurance

Now is the insurance on the private and commercial vehicles of all kinds now the following specifications
Car insurance comprehensive insurance (accidents, theft and fire) and that without any Thmlat
This includes insurance on the car with all its contents (in addition to all the luxuries) and also include insurance and air-conditioning and cassette Alerpaj, if any.
Insurance of the car without preview Zaro Once connected
As for the car is licensed preview of the car first and then issuing the insurance policy that directly and within 24 hours only
This is the lowest price Altamyin Insurance in Egypt and through the largest insurance companies in Egypt for one year
Service and insurance after the insurance and that if, God forbid,
NB \ is treated with the largest centers and agencies in Egypt and the company responsible for the car is fully responsible for the maintenance of the car completely in case of any accident by the insured if, God forbid.
- Last price available now for auto insurance for the best insurance services (accidents - a fire - theft) by the three following companies ...
And those who wish to personally advise insurance on his car without the slightest restrictions (for versions of compensation) not to deviate from the scope of these three companies ...
First Musrelltamin
3.5% without assuming (as opposed to almost 3.7 after stamps stamp) & 3% take 4 pounds per 1000 pounds either companies are dealing with them at prices other relatively less varying according to the size of the release of those companies
Second Egyptian Takaful >>> {private car Zaro only}
3.5 comprehensive stamps without assuming (price Khaaas Jaddaaaaa)
And the other to bear the total 3.3% 2 pounds per 1000 pounds of the amount of insurance, this special price .. Jaddaaaa ______________ is now lower price and best services.
Third, Arab Insurance Group (amig)
Total of 4.5% without incurring a comprehensive, 3.6% take 20%
Unlike LE 95 and an additional document with auto accidents, covering personal values ​​15000 LE and rescue service in addition to the rapid (Winch),,
In addition to the company that contracted with most Agencies Egypt in case of accidents and this is a great advantage to those trap

Connecticut insurance is more than just insurance on your car

Connecticut insurance is more than just insurance on your car
Is the insurance system a comprehensive re your car like new with the complete overhaul with the best service centers without any follow-up from you where it is called service of Connecticut to do all the procedures and documents, administrative and financial incident, such as notification of the incident and preview the pre-reform and after the payment of an invoice reform immediately after the completion of the repairs immediately.

This with the other advantages of multiple delivery channels at no extra cost cried service Connecticut offers you a replacement vehicle free of charge, transfer to your vehicle free of charge from the scene to a place of reform, limousine free of charge to connect you to the scene to where you want, and with a hotline to serve you 24 hours 7 days a week.

This is in addition that you can take advantage of all these services with the installment value of the document on the 12-month interest-free and easily with multiple payment methods, and also provide a discount in the absence of a claim

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